Kolkata Chaiwala Sings Kishore Kumar Songs While Serving Tea

Avideo of a tea seller crooning evergreen melodies of Kishore Kumar while serving tea has gone crazy viral on social media. The video was posted on August 4, Kishore Kumar’s birthday, and within no time it grabbed the netizens’ attention. For a moment it feels like the man in the video is lip-syncing to Kishore Kumar’s song, however, that is not so. IndiaToday.in got in touch with Paltan Nag, the man from the viral video, who is a resident of North Kolkata.

Paltan Nag, 56, has a tea shop in North Kolkata’s Beniatola Lane, where his customers flock early morning and in the evening to sip some piping hot tea, and listen to his melodious voice. On Kishore Kumar’s birth anniversary, Nag wore a t-shirt with the singer’s image on it and sang Main Shayar Badnaam. A customer who was present there, shot the video and uploaded it on Facebook.

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“I have been singing Kishore da’s songs since the past 40 years. He is my God, my Guru. It was his birthday on the 4th, I was serving tea and was singing like usual days. Did not know that someone shot it,” Paltan Nag told India Today.

Paltan Nag also said that singing is his first and only passion but losing his father at a young age left him with no choice but to manage the tea stall and look after his family. However, Paltan Nag performs on stage, but due to the pandemic there has not been many shows off late.

“Yes, I have sung renditions of Kishore da’s songs on stage. I do not sing like him, I sing, people like it. I cannot sing like Kishore da. No one can. I have never let go of music. In fact, I found a new set of audience in my customers whom I sing for these days,” Nag added.

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