Ariana Grande

Needy Lyrics – Ariana Grande

Needy – Ariana Grande Lyrics: [Verse 1]If you take too long to hit me backI can’t promise you how I’ll reactBut all I can say is at least I’ll wait for youLately, I’ve been on a roller coasterTryna get a hold of my emotionsBut all that I know is I need you close [Pre-Chorus]I’ma scream …

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Pov Lyrics – Ariana Grande

Pov – Ariana Grande Lyrics: [Verse 1]It’s like you got superpowersTurn my minutes into hoursYou got more than 20/20, babeMade of glass, the way you see through meYou know me better than I doCan’t seem to keep nothing from youHow you touch my soul from the outsidePermeate my ego and my pride [Chorus]I wanna love …

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7 Rings Lyrics – Ariana Grande

7 Rings Lyrics

7 Rings – Ariana Grande Lyrics: [Verse 1]Yeah, breakfast at Tiffany’s and bottles of bubblesGirls with tattoos who like getting in troubleLashes and diamonds, ATM machinesBuy myself all of my favorite things (Yeah)Been through some bad sh*t, I should be a sad b**chWho woulda thought it’d turn me to a savage?Rather be tied up with …

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​Imagine Lyrics – Ariana Grande

​Imagine – Ariana Grande Lyrics: [Verse 1]Step up, the two of us, nobody knows usGet in the car like, “Skrrt”Staying up all night, order me pad thaiThen we gon’ sleep ’til noonMe with no makeup, you in the bathtubBubbles and bubbly, oohThis is a pleasure, feel like we never act this regular [Pre-Chorus]Click, click, click …

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Breathin Lyrics – Ariana Grande

Breathin – Ariana Grande Lyrics: [Intro]​​lacigam gnihtemos od oT​​thgin laiceps ruoy s’thginot tuB [Verse 1]Some days, things just takeWay too much of my energyI look up and the whole room’s spinningYou take my cares awayI can so over-complicate, people tell me to medicate [Pre-Chorus]Feel my blood runnin’, swear the sky’s fallin’I know that all this …

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