What The F Is That Lyrics

Song Info: What The F Is That Song name is Who Want Smoke (Freestyle) which is sung by Kevin Gates & lyrics written by Kevin Gates.

What The F Is That Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Chicago Bulls, basketball shorts, I’m tryna scrimmage (What up?)
I go ape, post up in the paint, chi’ be high percentage (Rrahh, ruff)
Ayy, let’s get it, step on one of you n^^gas, spit on you when I finish
Tryna act like they want smoke with Gates, they really be up in they feelings (For real)
This lil’ bitty, p^^sypressure, she won’t sit on some of these inches (Come on)
Told me, get this p^^sypregnant, bae, I really want some of your children (Aight, aight)
I know how to take the final thing and send it on one of these fenders (Woo-woo)
I’ma really cop a hollow, aim it, send it at one of they temples (Woo-woo)
I’m just Fendi, I ain’t came across a fix I go to inching (I do)
I be twitching, and my eye be kinda f^^ked up I be squinting (Ah, ah)
I be glitching, then my mind be kinda f^^ked up, come from killing (Ah)
You be spitting, you ain’t never did a walk-up, you pretending
I would really stand up in your sh^t and wrap your sh^t for Christmas (Right)
Closed case, he ain’t got no face the lawyer’s gon’ dismiss it (Uh-huh)
Grab the pole, I’m tryna snatch his soul and turn him to a memory
With the hold up, I’m bipolar and you know I’m bout my business (I’m real)
Don’t rap about you trappin’ in traffic, they pull they panties down (Bow-bow)
Band-aid on my fingertips, swinger switch, put that hammer down (Grrah)
They personal aburses score thirty-two out that wrap-around (Bow-bow)
Shottas slangin’ coppa, that yoppa go, bap-bap-bap-bap-bow (Bow)

What the f^^k is that? (Bow, what?)
What the f^^k is that? (Bow)
What the f^^k is that? (Bow-bow-bow-bow-bow) I step on one of you n^^gas then I’ll spit on you when I finish

[Verse 2]
Lotta work, get distributed to my generals and lieutenants
Go berserk, I’ll put you on a shirt from JCPenney
b^^ch I’m turnt, put your d^^k inside the dirt and murk the witness
I go lurk, catch a body and tell Mazi how I did it
All my hitters working lense I go purchase me a Fendi
Drop that bag, want your hat you know it’s curtains when I set it
Dun-Dadda, kick the Rash-Clahh this ain’t gunfire
You know I don’t get tired, run you down your lungs tired
Fireman, catch you coming home like the umpire
Hmm, hitting her from the back I got my strap on top aback, lil’ b^^ch
Thinking about setting me up in front of the ideas then I’ma clap the b^^ch
Thinking about stealing my watch and running off then I’ma whack the b^^ch
That’s how I bat that b^^ch
Used to be chief execution a big enforcer
Drug lords in my lineage many that been deported
Red ford, twenty-two inch on fourtys, I been retarded
Love my neighbors if I do some gangsta they don’t report it
If a n^^ga raise his phone in my presence think he recording
Cartier go walk around and make sure the b^^ch ain’t recording
Take his phone go in his recent deleted and then destroy it
Hmm, then invite him to a show and then make him feel real important
Put them gremlins on they trail when they bell and they get a company
Don’t entertain no f^^kery, told the b^^ch not to f^^k with me
I’m gonna drop nuts how I’m thuggin’, this sh^t a luxury
I show no remorse, saddle up ain’t got no horse
Hmm, Turn you to a coff-, in the slum this sh^t a sport
All these tigers in the jungle we let nature take its course
I’m new Brasi, got some bodies he responding you of course
Many MAC-11 when it’s static, I hold down the fort
Brand new 911 Turbo S I’m jumping out a Porsche
It do this sh^t, ain’t nothing new to me, I been jumped off the porch
No suppressor on the whip and when it spit look like a torch
We done barbecued a n^^ga, we done finished, get the fork
One of them men I maybe P.S.M, my eighteen throw up four
Talking tough on Instagram in person they don’t want no part
Clean the port and be a surely mini cartridge look like doors
Grip the 40 better take extra precaution when it spark

Take precaution when that b^^ch spark, ya heard? Mm
Yeah that’s how I step on sh^t
b^^ch a^s n^^gas be talking that gangsta sh^t like yeah
I know what’s happening with me d^^k ya heard me
Hm, you know what’s happening with me you know I’m out here ya heard me
Ayy, I’m out here you heard me
Get on the internet and do all that ayy, we do all that, ayy, ayy
Ayy, You can do all that sh^t you be doing on the internet d^^k
Ayy, but d^^k on that black top and you know what’s happening with me d^^k ya heard me
Bow bow
What the f^^k is that?
What the f^^k is that?
What the f^^k is that? I step on one of you n^^gas then I spit on you when I finish

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