Tangerine Dream Lyrics – Snoh Aalegra

Tangerine Dream – Snoh Aalegra


As we leave the gate
Please make sure that your seatbelt is fastened

[Verse 1]
So we fell off Cloud 9
But then we met in the sky
I was sure I wouldn’t see you again after last night
What happens when we arrive?
Will you still have your pride?
What’s the chances of us being on the same flight?
I text, “Are you on the 12:40, New York-bound?”
You said, “Yup” (Yup)
Oh, you better turn around
One seat ahead, we were like, “Damn, how?”
Four hours in the air, you didn’t make a sound
Touched ground, you said, “Snoh, I’ll see you ’round”
But I wanna talk now
Told me I’m such a fucking singer, “Man you’re too loud”
Can you land that tone, boy, can you calm down?
I went to claim my baggage, that’s when you checked out

You were supposed to be my tangerine dream
My everything
It was all a fantasy
My tangerine dream

[Verse 2]
Do you remember our first date?
That juicy fruit that you wouldn’t name
I loved your accent, but you wouldn’t say it
Became a game that we start to play
Led to our first kiss at that arcade, downtown LA
If anybody seen, they would’ve made a scene
That’s why only you know what I mean when I say X plus Y is thirteen
After two thousand miles, we still where we were (Yup, yup)
I tried to put it out, but you let it burn
Hey (Hey, hey)
The other night, I was somebody that you didn’t know
Just ’cause I ain’t text you back about a week ago
And after all that crazy shit that you said to me
How you find this personal?

You were supposed to be my tangerine dream
My everything, my everything
It was all a fantasy, yeah
My tangerine dream
You were my tangerine dream
My everything
It was all a fantasy (It was all a fantasy)
My tangerine dream

Tangerine dream

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