PWRDRL Lyrics Benny the Butcher ft. Elcamino

Song Info: PWRDRL Song is sung by Benny the Butcher ft. Elcamino and lyrics written by Benny the Butcher & Elcamino. The song is from the album ” Pyrex PIcasso “. The song is produced by Chop-La-Rock & Rare Scrilla.

PWRDRL Lyrics Benny the Butcher

[Intro: Benny the Butcher]
The primary objective of a narcotics investigation is not just the identification of the drug user
It is more important to locate the supplier [?]
The butcher comin’, nga

[Verse 1: Benny the Butcher]
I’m a East Coast Don, I got hitters in Cali’ too
One call, I could rally troops
They comin’ in Caddy Coupes
I was broke on my dk, plug threw me an ally oop
I got the load in from Houston, and drove it through Baton Rouge
You ain’t ever seen a pile of bands, stop
I’m in a thousand grams spot
Bettin’ racks on garbage can shots (Hahahaha)
With more gats than the Taliban got (Brrrr)
We ain’t pussies, ’cause who get more bihs than a powder man got? (Huh)
I’m an old school nga, my morals come from the past
As long as I’m rich, I make the bih pump the gas
Called for a zip, when I thought you least would want a half
I know you broke, I’m not, none of them bihs you wanted ?
[?] drum when the towels fell
Had ’em pullin’ out old money with the sour smell
’08 drought, the ghetto still proud [?]
I went to work, [?] the brick with a power drill

[Verse 2: Elcamino]
We had every corner on smash, fiends smokin’ out their glass
No mask, I run up in your crib, put you on your back, this is facts
Don’t go nowhere without my fkn’ strap
Shit, even in Hollywood a [?] on my lap
Yo, fifty pounds OG, I had to mail ’em back
Relax, as soon as they slip, that’s when we attack
Yo, my youngin’ comin’ through and he gon’ leave your ass (He gon’ leave your ass)
On the news, that’s where they gon’ see your ass
Picture me rollin’, in a new Bentley truck, smokin’
Money blowin’, just trollin’, you already knowin’ (You already knowin’)
I was on the corner, I was really focused (I was really focused)
These ngas don’t want no money, they hit for the hoes
Uh, I did a hundred shows (I did a hundred shows)
I even passed my ngas a hundred hoes
These bihs want a title, girl just play your role (Just play your role)

[Outro: Benny the Butcher]
Police Siren
Let me see your driver’s license
It’s upstate
I’ll run an [?] check
Sir, this is gonna take a few minutes, why don’t you hop in the back, sit down, and relax?
Six, one, three, one
The butcher comin’, nga

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