Need You Fresco Trey Lyrics

Song Info: Need You Song is sung by Fresco Trey.

Need You Lyrics

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[Verse 1]
Made a lot of money and I lost a lot, ayy
Chasing your dreams tend to cost a lot
Beat the odds and give ’em all something to talk about
Brand new whip can’t even fit inside the parking spot (Hey)
Don’t think I need you, don’t think I need you
Quick as I met you, I’ll leave you
Adding up my totals, figured out that we ain’t equal
Masking all your flaws, end of the day, baby, you see-through
Lotta sacrifices tryna take care of my people
You say, “Play your part,” and I was willing to come meet you
Flooded out your watch ’cause I ain’ tripping, I don’t need to, yeah

He gave you a hundred when he had a hundred thousand
I gave you 20 with only lint in my pocket
But I ain’t never trippin’, yeah, you got it
Karma, she a b^^ch who don’t forget one thing about it

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