Man These Hoes Get On My Nerves Lyrics

Song Info: Man These Hoes Get On My Nerves Song name is Go Crazy which is sung by Stunthard & lyrics written by himself.

Man These Hoes Get On My Nerves Lyrics

f^^k these dumba^s hoes

(verse 1)
Man these hoes get on my nerves real sh^t
Real n^^ga but its hard to find a real b^^ch
Loose a^s, trife a^s, broke a^s, dumb b^^ch
No kiss, you cant get sh^t
Not a crumb b^^ch
f^^k hoes real sh^t
Bouta take my b^^ch shoppin buy her new clips
With some lil grimey n^^gas and they steal sh^t
Real street more bricks then a building
I can hit any b^^ch that’s on cash
Cuz all they take is cash
Four trucks all black black mask black mat
Bust a nut its all bad
f^^k yo face all a^s
I be trappin wit them trappers in the cut all slabs i got trus on
Big stictch 10 in the loud pat
Front boy run take 10 wit him
Fall off bounce right back less than 10 minutes
Trust none jackboy if he move kill em

(verse 2)
I been doin this sh^t i aint no f^^kin rookey
If its money on the flo we cancel all p^^sy
n^^ga you aint with that sh^t we don’t f^^k wit p^^sies
n^^ga you aint with that sh^t you cant f^^k wit me
f^^k b^^ches buss guns stack a lot of cheese
We be up all night we don’t f^^k wit sleep
n^^ga im so sleeze i f^^ked yo mainsqueeze
And these n^^gas so sick they cant stand me
How dare these n^^gas talk down on me
Have some killers on yo a^s make it hard to sleep
Glock 30 wit a 40 stop yo heart from beatin
I’ll take everything and make it hard to eat
b^^ch its big ju
Yea big ju
These f^^k n^^gas catch bullets and these b^^ches too
This sh^t real n^^ga
Aint nobody safe
Betta take yo a^s to church n^^ga betta pray

(verse 3)
I fell and now im back and n^^gas mad
When i was down everybody switched the sh^t was sad
It turned me to a savage and i put that on cash
20 bands once the lick slit
Don’t even ask
I heard n^^gas talking down on me to the hoes
I swear im goin crazy cant trust a f^^kin soul
Shoutout to my ex man she did a n^^ga bold
But i learned my lesson quick neva trust anotha hoe
I was down on my knuckles now im back maintainin
Went and copped some ice now im back chain swangin
Glock stay wit me like chief im bang bangin
Talkin catch em out in traffic imma catch em lane swangin

(verse 4)
I woke up got dressed and got straight to it
Called the plug got a bag and ran straight thru it
And im tired of n^^gas lyin like they bus buddah
Call them hotboyz up b^^ch they really shootin
n^^gas hoes i can prove it call a cop and plea
See me in the streets we aint friends b^^ch don’t talk to me
Come and cop from me
Or you can cop from skeez
Call the 808 if i aint got it you can cop from keese
Cant get sh^t from me
But some dick from me
b^^ch i hit you quick kicked you out go get hit by d
Stunthard almighty chase the f^^kin cheese
Go crazy hot boys that’s my f^^kin team

(verse 5)
Put the money on the flo cuz i need that
If the 40 in my hand imma squeeze that
Hit the lick quick we can split it up
If the spot get hot we can switch it up
Shots getting fired now you b^^chin up
Call the hook to my crib now you snitchin huh
Imma stunthard n^^ga tell yo manz that
Shootin shots while you runin at yo manz back
Aimin at his teeth he can tell that
Smoke alota loud you can smell that
f^^k you talking bout i got my own sh^t
I aint f^^kin wit you n^^gas got my own clique

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