Ice Out My Newborn Lyrics – Cody Ko

Ice Out My Newborn Lyrics

Ice Out My Newborn – Cody Ko


Yeah, I see you flexing (Yeah)
“Oh, private jet, so sick, oh my god, oh my god, private jet, so cool”
I’ll tell you the real flex right here (Let’s go)
Yeah, yeah

I see you flexin’ on the Gram that you got a couple grand
The diamonds, the cars and the duffels full of cash
Them Gucci shoes make you feel like you the man (Uh-huh)
But why your offspring still wearing Baby GAP, huh?
Bro, we move different
I drip out my fkin’ infant
Fifty racks on his crib, bch boy, you a dimwit
You spendin’ money on some simp shit
I’ma put a Rollie on my kid’s wrist

I’m icing out my kids
I’m putting diamonds on my newborn
This shit is different from what you on
I’m talkin’ baby Richard Milles, I put two on him
My kid is icеd out, and yours is lukewarm
Icing out my kids
I know your jeans Balmain
But I just bought my kid a fkin’ chain
My kid is three days and his ice so cold
I might just wеar him as my motherfkn’ chain

Yeah, bih, you heard me
I’ma put so many diamonds on my newborn child
And then I’m gonna put a chain
Attach him to a chain and then wear him as a chain because he’s so iced out
That he can be my chain’s pendant
Ooh yeah

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