Have You Tried Crossing Over Yet Lyrics

Song Info: Have You Tried Crossing Over Yet Song name is Miss Wanna Die which is sung by NightCore.

Have You Tried Crossing Over Yet Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Awake I open my eyes to see, a hospital so white and clean
I was walking up to the roof I think, then can’t recall at all a single thing
Held a hand for me, you were there I know, but couldn’t reach for me
That would fall down all the time
I’d stand and reach my had to see
Have you tried crossing over yet?

I wanna die, wanna die but don’t really wanna die
You were there, you would care making me aware
All the scars all the blood more and more they’re never done
Not enough not enough


[Verse 2]
When I forget you, I’m all alone without a place to but then
Play the mirror like a show
The past, I used to know a dream
Till I see every part of me
Eyes are and flowing

I wanna live, wanna live, deep inside I’ve always been
Reaching out for a hand, so don’t let this be the end
Mushrooms growing on my head
Still remember even when
Where you are when I’m dead
I wanna die, wanna die, but dont really wanna die
You were there,you would care
You know it really isn’t fair
Evert time i forget
You remain inside my thoughts
Not enough,not enough
I wanna die,wanna die wanna die,but I still couldn’t die
With you by my side

Behind the days i spent alone,afraid
Now you’re here to stay
Lala lalala lalala lalala
And the scars never fade
Memories that replay
Rewind yet again to that pain
We felt that day

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