Broadway Girls Lyrics – Morgan Wallen Unreleased Song Tik Tok

Song Info: Broadway Girls song is sung by Morgan Wallen & lyrics written by himself.

Broadway Girls Lyrics

(Lyrics From Snippet)
[Verse 1]
I met her down at Aldean’s
She said she that saw me walking in about a mile away
Bouncers had to take her phone, and that just took her smile away
She said I’m too drunk and crazy, she don’t like the way I dance
I said you don’t have to join in
She said she’d take a chance

I’ve been kind of crazy ever since it went down
I get kind of lost and baby this what I found
Girls like you just want to take me around, around and around

There’s two things that you’re going to find out
They don’t love you and they only love you right now
If I was smarter I would’ve stayed my ass at home
And leave them Broadway girls alone
Broadway girls alone
Broadway girls alone

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