Bake In The Party Chocolate Barbie TikTok Song Lyrics

Song Info: Bake In The Party Chocolate Barbie Song name is Mad About Bars which is sung by Harlem Spartans ft. MizOrMac & Bis & lyrics written by Bis (Harlem Spartans) & MizOrMac.

Chocolate Barbie Song Tiktok Lyrics

[Verse 1: Bis]
I don’t even know what they’re on
K on the K, they’re fried
I don’t even know where they’re gone, runners
On their block they hide, they already know what we on
Spartans rise, 4 Spartans do bikes, always tryna raid that day
Cut thru opp block they pray that we don’t come their way
2 whips and the driver stay, pull up, skrt things go cray
I’m on pedal bikes where you stay, civilians please don’t get in my way
These tools right here are for fun, trust me we using these stuff
Blood blood spillage again
Free up SuperSav that’s my friend
We got many things on the ends
But our splash game is all ments
And the pigs know what we do
We got many plans for your friends
They Netflixing with bae
We do trapflix in the K
Haxes James Bond on my block
Sudden moves you might get tan
Black Prince Baby, HS boy now I’ve grown up as a Kennington man
You come to the barbecue
300 Spartans der soon land
Ayy peng 1’s, Hey deadtingK, back b in the back

[Verse 2: MizOrMac]
Ayy Bis, tell them I’m Harlem O
Harlem Only, Kennington baby, star in the hood we blow
Aydee do snow in O, Biscy do green like grove
Sparta we push things in smoke
Love, nah nah we ain’t giving no hoe
I ain’t Romeo and I’ll hold, hold
Bake in the party, chocolate Barbie waiting on me for a yo
In the back is Jo, I’m riding shotgun, the drivers unknown
2 wheels, 2 men, 1 skeng pon ped lets see who gets home
Skeet skeet skeet skeet
See man run like I ain’t involved
My main b^^ch is my flick
My side b^^ch is my stick
SA, with that black blade, you hear 1 flick and get dipped
Blood drip off the dip dip, it’s a splash ting when we grip
It’s Harlem b^^ch, Spartans looking all Harlem ish
HS gaza strip, splash splash like Kanye and Kim

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