2Hoo Lyrics – NBA YoungBoy

Song Info: 2Hoo Song is sung by YoungBoy Never Broke Again. The song is from the album “Colors“.

2Hoo Lyrics

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[Verse 1]
Bad, bad
Steady run away and I don’t like it
I just wanna hit it up on my own way, so please don’t fight it
How many? I say “Two”
Want expedition wit yo’ friend and you
Hope you wit’ it and not trippin’ on me like you way too cool
Three-sixty, I’m wit it, she eat it, I lick it
Movin’ fast, I’m on her a$$
Okay, I get it
Grab her hair, she throw it back, I’m hittin’ it, givin’ her the business
Murder scene, stick two up her body, know I had to kill it

I’m wit’ it, ain’t finished, let’s get it, oh-ew
I grip her body, make sure I got it
Hold one, I ain’t through
Can’t figure what you do to me, know what I’ma do to you
Say she can’t get enough of me, say “I can’t get enough too-hoo, hoo”

[Verse 2]
Now turn around, I beat it down, she say she wan’ go some rounds
I ask “How many?” She say “Two-hoo, hoo”
I keep her ‘round
I asked her can she bring some friends?
Smoke out the pound
She asked “How many?” I say “Two”
I’m thuggin’ and she love it, never wit’ the fussin’
I got two in here at once, I hope that they don’t go to scuffin’
She wan’ two, she don’t want one
Don’t got no rubber, I’m in trouble
But got four, not two, I’m clutchin’
She just waitin’ on me to f^^k her
Like Hugh Hefner…

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